Training Information

P5 uses tried and true methods of training based on the 5 principles: Practice, Patience, Persistence, Professionalism, and Pride. P5’s goal is to educate the horse and rider team, so that client and horse will enjoy everything from trail riding to competition. Horses never stop learning so it is important to never stop training, P5 assists clients in continuing the training process into the future. We are happy to offer the following training programs to suit you and your horse’s needs.

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Farrier work scheduled

Veterinarian work scheduled

Full board in 12′ x 10′ stall

Horse worked 5-7 days/week

Up to 3 lessons/week if applicable

Horse is kept clipped and bathed

Full use of facility

Horse Show service is available

Free listing on Horses for Sale page if applicable

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Stable Rules


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